About Me

I am a country girl with a city mindset and global dreams. I am a creative and a world traveler. I believe in self-care, creativity and feeding your soul with only the yummiest treats life has to offer. I also believe in ackee and saltfish, a good party, pour over coffee and moisturizing.

For many years I have worked in digital media, creating videos for myself and for others. My production background affirmed my belief that if you can dream it, you can achieve it. All of our favorite creative projects started from a thought and through proper planning and a great team they are now a reality. After taking a break from production, I decided to travel the world. Which has taught me the beauty in slowing down and truly connecting with myself on a deeper level.

This blog is a platform to marry all the things that set my soul on fire and to take everything that I’ve learned professionally and personally and put them to good use. Wish me luck.


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